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Leave rationality at the door

We'll figure it out someday

25 April
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My name is Meg.

I'm 29.

I have a great guy in my life who makes me feel like I'm not as stupid as I think I am. I love dreaming (both daydreaming and otherwise)... I love the idea of a collective consciousness (thoughts that people can share)... I love the idea of ghosts, the afterlife, and how we can connect with it in OUR lives... I love grand ideas that make people say: "That could never happen!" then proving them wrong. I am a Girl Scout leader and a do-gooder... I have a lot of trouble saying "NO" to people and have a tendancy to burn myself out. I love quickly and easily. I am scared of bugs. I love movies and books and music and the ocean and Great Lakes, but I hate humidity and mosquitoes. I sleep with a fan on, even in the dead of winter. I am constantly silly and love to joke around. I'll talk sex, religion, and reality tv in one conversation 'cause that's just how I am. I love meeting new people, so feel free to friend me. Just don't be a jerk 'cause I'll defriend you faster than you can blink. I have no tolerance for racism or biggotry of any kind. If you're looking to pick a fight with someone, I'm not your girl. I'll listen to you rant if you'd like but don't expect me to lash out. I'm passive (even passive aggressive, sometimes!) and a total pacifist. Sorry!

Good enough? Good.